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Gantry Crane with Lift Height 190m for Vertical Shaft Construction

 Time:2022-06-30 16:29:57

Weihua made 2 sets 190m-lift height gantry cranes for vertical shaft construction successfully passed the acceptance by China Water Resources and Hydropower.





1. The ultra-high-lift gantry crane adopts a lightweight design, which has the characteristics of light weight, small wheel pressure and low headroom, which can meet the construction requirements of various tunnels.

2. The lifting height can reach 190m with fast lifting speed and high efficiency; a folding reel is used to ensure that the wire ropes are arranged neatly and avoid rope disorder; the whole crane adopts digital frequency conversion speed regulation, which can effectively control the synchronization speed and accuracy.

3. Safe and good performance, the mechanism is equipped with three-level braking, and the auxiliary trolley hoisting mechanism adopts the redundant design of double ropes. When one rope fails, the other rope can operate independently to ensure the safety of the lifting of the cage, and the safety factor reaches Elevator level standard.

4. This crane is equipped with an independent wireless signal transmission system, which can ensure the transmission of 1000m in the shaft, realize the continuity and quality of signal transmission.




Both of the 2 cranes are ME10t+3 ultra-high lift gantry cranes for exhaust shafts, serving the main civil works and metal structure installation for a Hydropower station. The super-high lift height gantry cranes are mainly used for the wellhead for shaft construction. As a special crane for construction equipment, tools and cargo hoisting, it is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, bridge, tunnel, subway engineering, mining and other fields.





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