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Disc Conical Lock Washer Spring Lock Washer DIN6796 Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Disc Conical Lock Washer Spring Lock Washer DIN6796 Stainless Steel Flat Washers


Xnip2023-11-15_22-19-28.jpgProduct Description

1. Certification: IATF 16949
2. Available Standard: DIN, GB
3. Finishing: Black, Phosphated, Galvanized, Dacromet, Plain
4. Available material: 65Mn, stainelss steel, carbon steel
5. Moq: 1000pcs
6. Available Packing: Plastic bags+Cartons+Plywood pallet with Belt.

DIN6796 is a kind of anti-loosening washer for bolt and screw connection. We are used to call it disc elastic washer or conical elastic thermal ring. It is mainly used for medium or high strength bolt and screw connection such as CL88/10.9 grade. Effectively replaces ordinary spring washers.

The principle of disc elastic washer: DIN6796 disc elastic washer is a kind of conical structure washer. When the bolt and nut are connected and assembled, it is subjected to axial load, which generates deformation and stores axial tension potential energy. When the nut or bolt becomes loose, the washer The potential energy released by the rebound plays the role of anti-loosening. It can be seen that the design principle of DIN6796 is to eliminate the adverse effects of loosening of bolts and nuts during assembly, so as to play a locking role. Conical elastic washers are suitable for bolt and nut connections under axial load. 




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