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Advantages of Huagong hook set

Hook sets are the most common type of spreader in lifting machinery. The hook is often suspended on the wire rope of the hoisting mechanism with the help of pulley set and other components. Our company specializes in the production of various types of spreaders, standard, non-standard can be customized.

Features of our hooks


The hook set consists of hook head, beam, hook cap, pulley set and lifting plate.


Hook head, crossbeam and hook cap are forged by model, tonnage from 3.2T-250T can be made.


The strength level of hook head, crossbeam and hook cap is divided into five types: M, P, S, T and V, which can meet the use of different equipment working level.


Heat treatment method of hook head, beam and hook cap: normalizing + tempering.


The internal and surface of hook head are subjected to ultrasonic and magnetic particle flaw detection to meet the requirements of standard of JB/T500.15 national regulations.


Pulley sheet is hot rolled and molded by Q235B or Q345B, avoiding the defects of air holes and trachoma that exist in casting process. The rope groove is processed by molding tool, and the R angle of the groove matches the diameter of the wire rope, which avoids the interference between the wire rope and the pulley's pinch angle, and improves the service life of the pulley effectively.


(7) The hanging plate is processed by domestic advanced CNC plasma discharging equipment, batch and standardized production, effectively reducing production costs.


(8) The material of lifting plate adopts Q345B high strength, wear-resistant steel plate, which effectively improves the tensile strength of the lifting plate, and the structure of the lifting plate is more compact, so as to extend the triangular hook set, traditional type hook set, European type hook set, and rotating hook set.


Maintenance of hook set


Maintenance of the hook is important to check the hook opening, a simple method is in the new equipment on both sides of the hook body, each punched out a small hole, measure the distance between the two small holes, recorded. Each time the inspection, measure the distance between the two holes, compared to the initial distance between the holes, so as to judge the changes in the opening of the hook. When checking the hook for cracks, the main use of visual inspection to carry out the inspection, if necessary, can be used to detect flaws, coloring and other ways to more accurately check the hook for cracks. The amount of wear on the dangerous sections of the hook can be measured with the help of calipers.


There are several methods to prevent wear and tear of the hook:


1. Sleeve each wire rope.


 Put a sleeve on the wire rope so that the surface of the wire rope and the hook will not come into direct contact when the hoisting mechanism is running, thus reducing the wear and tear of the hook. Sleeve can use rubber hose, high pressure hose with steel wire mesh, etc.


2, with other materials to replace the wire rope


   In the ocean liner is used in nylon lifting to replace the wire rope material, this material can reduce the wear and tear on the crane hook. But the price will be relatively high.


3, lock hook wire rope increased to three


  Wire rope and hook contact with the number of wire rope from the original 1 increased to 3, can increase the contact area of the wire rope and hook, reduce friction, to avoid the occurrence of a wire rope is easy to cut into the hook shows the phenomenon. Specific practice is to use a 4.2m wire rope, both ends of the rope card tight, this can increase the number of lock hook wire rope.




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