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Huagong Plate Hook Features

Our company specializes in the production of steel mill plate hook hook and related accessories, the company has been committed to creating a team of excellent quality and technical expertise over the past 11 years, free of customer worries.


Company plate hook features


1Using the latest national standard Q355B plate production, the whole rust removal process before the production of undercutting.


2Numerical control flame cutting machine cuts the material along the rolling direction of the steel plate, and the cut section is flat and smooth without arc pits. Ensure the size of plate hook piece in reasonable deviation.


3Beveling and cleaning up the edge burrs before the production of the team, intermittent beveling.


4There are two kinds of connection methods for plate hooks: rivets and pins, and the material is the same as that of plate hooks.


5, plate hook stacked group welding after the whole boring machine processing, to ensure concentricity.

Plate hook use specification


1Steel plate hook refers to the hoisting personnel to direct the overhead crane worker to drive the overhead crane with the hanging beam to the steel plate directly above.


2Steel plate hook refers to the crane personnel to command the overhead crane worker to drop the hook, and stop the hook at a distance of 1.8m-2m from the working plane on the lower surface of the hook of the hanging beam body.


3, two Division rigging workers were hanging beam under the hook (L hook or C hook), after confirming the safety of the steel plate to both sides of the pull, with the hook to hang the steel plate. If the steel plate is wider, the finger hangers can be in the process of the Division workers hook command crane workers point drop hooks, drop hooks when the Division workers should be in the steel plate on both sides of the safety position.


4, steel plate lifting hook finger crane personnel to direct the crane worker in accordance with the stretching, micro up, lifting three steps, the implementation of lifting operations. In the process of stretching, if you need to hold the hook, the worker should grasp the hand ring (finished goods warehouse workers should grasp the outer edge of the hook should not reach into the middle of the hook and the steel plate), to prevent pinching.


Plate hook safety precautions


1People are forbidden to stand under the hanging beam at any time to prevent the hanging beam from dropping or suddenly falling and hurting people.


2When hanging the wire rope on the hook of the hanging beam, the personnel's body should keep a certain distance from the side of the hanging beam to prevent the action of the hanging beam from hurting people.


3During the hooking process, the crane is prohibited from lifting and lowering operation, when it must be lifted and lowered, it should absolutely obey the command of the personnel pointing to the crane.


4, in the process of lifting, overhead crane workers shall not multi-agency action.


5, in the thinking of the worker pick hook, the overhead crane worker shall not carry on the lifting and lowering operation.




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