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Explanation of the classification and advantages of Huagong wheels

Huagong specialises in the production of wheels for 11 years, professional and technical team, casting workshop, production and processing workshop is the company's solid backing for customers in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales to provide a guarantee for all types of standard, non-standard wheels have a certain right to speak, the following is mainly about the company's wheels.


According to the casting method is divided into casting wheels, forging wheels


Casting wheel: the wheel set adopts cast steel casting, after rough machining by lathe, it is put into well resistance furnace for tempering treatment to ensure the hardness of the wheel tread in HB330-380, the hardness layer is greater than or equal to 20mm, and the depth hardness is not less than 260HB, which improves the abrasion and impact resistance of the wheel and thus improves the service life of the wheel, and finally it is refined by the mechanic press-fitting bearings.


Forged wheels:


1. Integral forging, high strength, deep wear-resistant layer.


2. The hot forming of this series of wheels adopts forging technology, which makes the distribution of metal flow line more complete and reasonable, prolongs the service life of the wheels, and has excellent mechanical properties and reliable quality.


3. Wheel diameter Φ250-900mm.


4. Material: 42CrMo, 65Mn 60#, etc., can also be customised according to customer requirements.


5. Wheel into the pit-type resistance furnace tempering treatment to ensure that the wheel tread hardness in the HB330-380, hardness layer in the greater than or equal to 20mm, the depth of the hardness is not less than 260HB, to improve the wheel's abrasion resistance and impact resistance, and thus improve the service life of the wheel, and finally by the mechanics of the press-fit bearing mounted into a fine.


According to the angle box is divided into right angle box wheels, round angle box wheels, a word angle box wheels, flange angle box wheels




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