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How to replace wheel sets in lifting accessories

Lifting accessories is a general category, contains a lot of accessories, today mainly about the wheel set.


For the wheel set replacement method and process has been a problem that needs attention, the following, for you to list in detail the replacement of lifting accessories in the wheel set of steps:


Remove the connecting bolts of the coupling at the end of the wheel axle.


Remove the fastening bolts connecting the angular bearing box of the wheel set and the end beam.


Use crane lifting screw or jack to lift the crane bridge, so that the wheel tread surface from the top surface of the track about 10 mm or so, pry the wheel set and pull it out along the track surface in order to unload the replacement.


Lift the pre-assembled, new active wheelset with the axle end gear coupling half onto the crane track.


Push in the wheelset close to the mounting position, adjust the jack to lower the car slowly, thread in the fastening bolts and screw on the nuts to ensure safety.


Tighten the bolts in the horizontal direction appropriately, and then tighten the bolts in the vertical direction accordingly, alternately into the nails, wrench the wheels while tightening, check whether the wheels rotate flexibly, and check the horizontal and vertical deflection of the wheel installation.


(7) Align the screw holes of the gear coupling half of the wheel axle end and the coupling half of the reducer driven shaft, put in the connecting bolts and tighten them.


After everything is normal, the body will be dropped; the other end of the active wheel is also replaced using the same steps. In order to ensure that both ends of the transmission is consistent, to ensure that the crane runs normally, both ends of the active wheel must be replaced at the same time; in order to ensure that both ends of the mechanical transmission gap is consistent, the gear coupling at the end of the reducer slave shaft is also replaced at the same time.




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