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What are the relevant introductions to hooks?


Hooks are divided into single and double hooks according to their shape and forged hooks and laminated hooks according to their manufacturing method.

Single hooks are simple to manufacture and easy to use, but they are not well stressed and are mostly used in applications with a lifting capacity of up to 80 tonnes; when the lifting capacity is large, double hooks with symmetrical stresses are often used. The laminated hook is made of several pieces of cut and formed steel plates riveted together, so that the whole hook will not be damaged when cracks appear in individual plates, which is a good safety feature. The hooks are often subject to impact during operation and must be made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hook classification is extremely wide, generally including: unloading buckles, rings, round rings, pear-shaped rings, long rings, combined rings, S hooks, nose hooks, American hooks ram's-horn hooks, eye-shaped slide hooks, with insurance card ring screws, chain unloading buckles, with a unique, novel, high quality, safety features, suitable for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship docks, etc.. Ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load up to 3 times. Lifting capacity from 5 tons to 150 tons.



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