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Precautions during the use of the grab


1、Grab buckets are generally installed in cranes and other equipment to use, generally to ensure construction safety and efficiency, the operator should carefully observe the construction of the surrounding environment and other factors, but also to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of its components, found abnormal, in a timely manner to solve.

2, grab and other spreader if the phenomenon of distortion, this time can not be corrected by hammering, which may cause the opposite effect. A more reasonable approach is to consult **maintenance personnel for repair or replacement.

3. In the process of using the grab, it should not be thrown, pulled from under heavy objects or allowed to roll on the spreader, as this can easily cause safety hazards. There is also no overload for use, which will easily cause damage in the long run and lead to the equipment not being used normally.

Ten grabs do not lift:

(1) Do not lift when overloaded or when the weight of the object is unclear;

(2) Do not hang when the signal is not clear;

(3) Do not lift when the hanging is not secure or when the imbalance may cause sliding;

(4) not lifting when the object being lifted is occupied or floating;

(5) Do not lift when the structure or parts are defective or damaged in a way that affects safe working, e.g. when the brakes or safety devices are not working, when the hook nut structure is damaged, or when the wire rope is damaged to the point of obsolescence;

(6) Not to lift when there is a buried object with unclear tension;

(7) Not to lift heavy objects when they are pulled at an angle;

(8) Do not lift when the workplace is dark and it is impossible to see the site, the situation of the object being lifted and the command signal;

(9) not lifting when the corners of the heavy object are not padded between the wire ropes;

(10) not to lift when the steel (iron) is packed too full.

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