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Project CaseWeihua Cranes for Water Conservancy ProjectTime:2023-01-12 14:55:45

The 9 cranes provided by Weihua for the construction of Nianpanshan Water Control Project were delivered successfully.




Nianpanshan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project, located in Zhongxiang City, is one of 172 major water conservancy projects for water conservation and water supply determined by the State Council to be included in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The total planned investment of the project is 6.636 billion yuan. It is a Class II large (2) project, mainly for power generation and shipping, and also for irrigation and water supply. Its normal pool level is 50.72m, capacity is 180MW, annual average power generation is 616 million kW • h, channel standard is Class III, and ship lock design standard is 1000t.




In this project, the customer has purchased many cranes, such as Weihua one-way gantry crane, fixed winch hoist, two-way gantry crane, trolley hoist, etc., which work together to accelerate the construction of Nianpanshan Water Conservancy Project.




This project shows the high recognition of customers and the strong strength of Weihua. Weihua solution also fulfills customer expectations, combines actual needs, and returns customer trust with a number of technical highlights:




1. The one-way gantry crane at the upstream of the sluice gate and the two-way gantry crane at the intake of the powerhouse are provided with a slewing crane at the downstream side, which increases the operating range of the gantry crane and improves the operating efficiency;

2. The drum of the gantry crane is designed with double-layer folded rope groove, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of disordered rope and rope friction;

3. Torque synchronous control of double lifting motors, for balanced force and stable operation;

4. There are brake opening and closing detection, wear detection, motor temperature detection, all kinds of protection are complete and reliable;

5. It is equipped with motor life detection system to monitor motor performance at all times.

6. The hoist of this project has compact structure layout with stable operation, complete and reliable monitoring information, which effectively supports the timely power generation, flood control, navigation and other work of the Nianpanshan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project in Hubei Province.







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