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Gantry Crane Traveling Mechanism Gnawing Rail Hazard Analysis

In the process of use, the travelling mechanism of the gantry crane will gnaw the rail phenomenon. Gnawing will cause equipment damage, and even cause safety accidents. So the gnawing problem deserves our attention. Here to discuss the gantry crane travelling mechanism of the gnawing rail problem.

What is the gnawing rail

In the design and manufacture of gantry cranes, the edge of the wheel and the side of the track of the gantry crane reserved a certain width, the normal use of the wheel edge and will not touch the track. However, due to some reasons, make the wheel skew running, wheel edge and track side extrusion, friction, resulting in wheel and track wear, this side is gnawing rail. Gnawing rail problem, if not properly dealt with, may make the wheel can not run on the track.

After the occurrence of gnawing rail, slight gnawing rail will make the wheel rim and track side wear, and in serious cases, it will make the crane lurch in the running process, make a loud noise, and the wheel rim and track side have obvious abrasion marks.

Problems caused by track gnawing

1Reduce the service life of wheels  

 Generally speaking, the service life of general-purpose gantry cranes is about 10 years. If a serious gnawing rail crane occurs, it will cause serious wear and tear on the wheels, and the wheel life is reduced to 1~2 years, or even shorter. In accordance with relevant safety standards, the wheel rim wear reaches 50% of the original thickness, it must be replaced with a new treatment.

2Rail wear faster

The rails of gantry cranes are generally made of 45Mn steel, and the wheels are often made of 45# steel, so the hardness of the rails is higher when comparing the two. Gnawing rail, the wheel wear down the iron filings fall on the top of the track, coupled with the lateral force generated by the gnawing rail, so that the track horizontal offset, if you can not repair in time, and ultimately lead to track scrapping.

3Running resistance becomes bigger

Gnawing rail, because the lateral force and friction between the wheel and the track, greatly increasing the resistance to the wheel running, increasing the power consumption of the drive motor, increasing the transmission structure work intensity, which may lead to serious motor due to prolonged overcurrent and burn out, drive shaft damage.

The above is the gantry crane operating mechanism of the gnawing rail problem brought about by the adverse consequences, should pay more attention to the use of cranes in the process, in order to extend the wheels, rail service life, reduce the occurrence of failures, improve operational efficiency, to ensure operational safety.



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