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Huagong reel set features and safe operation


Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of standard non-standard reel sets, material Q235B or Q345B, today mainly introduces the characteristics of Huagong reel sets and safety operation precautions.

Characteristics of our company's reel set:


1Using Q235B or Q345B steel plate, in strict accordance with the national standards for the thickness of steel plate of the reel, the whole rolled and made, load-bearing and wear-resistant.


2, the company has its own material, rolling, welding, rounding, processing, assembly of the whole set of processing capacity, to meet the customer's demand for high quality and low price.


3The reel shaft adopts round steel processing through the shaft to ensure good safety performance.


4The reel hub is made of cast steel with good wear resistance.


5Bearing adopts brand-new bearings from three big factories.


6Assembly gap is assembled according to national standard.


Reel set precautions


       Reel group is an important part of the lifting machinery and equipment, must often implement stability checks to resist problems with components, triggering other problems throughout the machinery, crane reel group by the extrusion of the steel wire rope rope ring, but also by the steel wire rope triggered by the bending and torsion, and the extrusion plays the most important role, because the crane reel group cracks in the steel wire rope to the reel indentation of accidents, crane Crane reel set cracks should be scrapped and can not be used.


       In order to avoid accidents, the crane reel group of the shaft by bending and shear stress, otherwise there will be a broken shaft of the accident.


       Crane reel group of rope groove wear depth should not reach 2mm, when it reaches the center of the car can be centered , but the reel wall thickness should be more than eighty percent of the original wall thickness, there can be no cracks on the wheel Trail, the other connecting screws must be tensioned. Crane reel set of stopping system and brake is a must have heavy crane products, more special brake quite a large extent to ensure that the stability of lifting work. Crane drum set of the role of the stop is to be lifted heavy cargo stopped at any height in the space to resist the heavy cargo weight triggered by the reversal of the mechanism and fall on their own. The brake is mainly used as a control lifting mechanism and heavy cargo down movement speed, of course, can also be heavy cargo braking at any height position.




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