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Characteristics of Huagong crane wheels

Crane wheels are an important part of the crane, how much do you know about the wheels?


We all know that: "the crane running mechanism wheels of the horizontal deflection value exceeds the difference will cause the gnawing rail, increase the running resistance, vibration and noise, aggravate the wear and tear of the track and crane wheels, reduce the service life of the crane wheels."


Then we choose the wheel set, the quality is a hard condition, the quality is guaranteed, safety is guaranteed, my company has been adhering to the "quality of survival, is committed to providing customers with one-stop service" concept since the establishment of the factory 11 years ago, and there is an annual output value of 3,000 tons of cast steel wheels factory as a backing, no matter the quality, price, schedule can maximize to meet the customer's requirements. We can satisfy customers' requirements to the maximum extent.


The company's standard wheels and non-standard wheels in the material, size can be customized according to customer requirements, part of the series of wheels 15% price reduction.

The following are the main features of our lifting wheels


The wheel blanks are produced by ourselves, casting strictly according to the standard drawings, and there are strict requirements for the web thickness and R angle.


Wheel web all secondary processing, to ensure that the web is flat and beautiful.


Wheels and wheel axles are all overall tempering, hardness is guaranteed at 330-380.


The wheel axle is processed by grinding machine after machining.


The bearings adopt brand-new Luoyang Wincheng bearings.


Installation and painting according to standard process.


Characteristics of Conventional Wheels


In the application, the commonly used and relatively simple design structure: assembling the crane wheels to the bracket to form the crane wheel set.


The disadvantage of this type of structure is: crane wheel set only plays the role of fixed crane wheels, after assembly crane wheels can not swing, it must be a lot of repair work to assemble, increasing the cost of manufacturing and cycle time.


Eccentric bearing box design and application


Structural design    


    The strength design of bearing box and crane wheel set bracket should meet the load bearing requirements. Manufacturing aspect The crane wheel set bracket should be manufactured in such a way as to control the spacing dimensions of the 2 bearing plates of the bracket. In addition, the crane wheel is a device used to support the crane with the load and to make the gantry crane run back and forth on the track. The track suffers from the wheel pressure of the gantry crane wheels and spares the crane wheels from running.


Maintenance measures for crane wheels    


    Horizontal wheel guidance instead of rim guidance, the rim of the wheel and the front of the track sliding quarrel into the level of the wheel and the front of the track rolling pleadings, reducing the running resistance, increasing the life of the wheel. The wheel can be divided into cylindrical, conical and conical drum-shaped three kinds according to the tread content. Cylindrical wheels are mostly used for driven wheels, can also be used for driving wheels. Conical wheels are used as crane driving wheels. The last is a conical drum-shaped wheel tread for the arc, mainly used for electric hoist suspension trolley and round rail crane, to withdraw additional resistance and wear.



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