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Provisions for the inspection of hoisting machinery reels, pulleys and drivelines

Crane drum and pulley inspection technical regulations

1, the height of the two edges of the drum should exceed the outermost layer of wire rope, the value should not be less than 2 times the diameter of the wire rope.

2, the reel on the end of the wire rope fixing device, should be anti-loosening or self-tightening performance.

3, pulley groove should be clean and smooth, there should be no damage to the wire rope defects.

4, the pulley should prevent the wire rope from jumping out of the groove of the device.

5, when the reel and pulley one of the following conditions should be scrapped.

1) Cracks or rim damage; 2) Reel wall wear; 3) Cracks or rim damage; 4) Cracks or rim damage.

2)The wall wear of the reel reaches 10% of the original wall thickness.

3) Uneven wear of the pulley groove up to 3mm.

4) Wear of the pulley rope groove wall thickness up to 20% of the original wall thickness.

5) The wear of the bottom of the sheave groove exceeds 25% of the diameter of the corresponding wire rope.

6) Other defects that can damage the wire rope.


Lifting machinery transmission system inspection regulations

1, the clutch engagement should be smooth, transfer of power should be effective, separation should be complete.

2, the transmission components should not run shock, vibration, heat and oil leakage.

3, gear box gear meshing should be intact, the appropriate amount of oil.

4、When working, the gearbox should not have abnormal sound, vibration, heat and oil leakage.

5, the gearbox gear should be correct, shift should be light.

6, the coupling parts should not be defective; connection should not be loose, there shall be no violent impact sound during operation.

7、The wire rope on the reel should be neatly arranged.

8、Gearbox ground bolts, shell connecting bolts should not be loose, defective.

9、Reduction gear box operation shall not have abnormal noise, temperature rise should be in line with the provisions of the manual.

Crane inspection cycle

The periodic inspection cycle of lifting machinery in use is as follows.

(1) tower cranes, hoists, mobile cranes 1 time per year.

(2) small and light lifting equipment, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, portal cranes, gantry cranes, cable cranes, mast cranes, railway cranes, jib cranes, mechanical parking equipment every 2 years, of which the lifting of molten metal and incandescent metal cranes once a year.

Performance test in the rated load test, static load test, dynamic load test project, the first inspection and the first periodic inspection must be carried out, rated load test project, and then every interval of 1 inspection cycle for 1 time.



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