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Reasons for wheel tread damage

Tread wear and tear

1、Poor line maintenance conditions

2、Improper matching of wheel and rail shape and material

3、Technical condition of bogie

4、The traction loading quota is too large

5、Wheels rolling on the track for a long time

Tread surface abrasion

    The form of tread scuffing is related to the axle weight, speed, braking force and the dry and wet condition of the rail surface.

Tread stripping

    When the wheels are sliding on the rail, the tread surface is scuffed, the tread surface rubs strongly against the rail and generates high temperature, after cooling, the surface metal is hard and brittle, causing small pieces of metal on the tread surface to fall off or buckle in a flake, forming a tread surface stripping.


Round bearing box traveling wheel set

    With the development of China's industrial level, the requirements for cranes are getting higher and higher, and the angular bearing box wheel sets are increasingly unable to meet the requirements of users. In order to quickly replace the wheel set, a round bearing box wheel set has emerged.


Round bearing box wheel sets

    And the round bearing box wheel set with the crane crane end beam or trolley end beam on the location of the installation of the wheel for the boring structure, and the web plate on both sides to be processed, the wheel set with the end beam web plate on both sides of the processing surface and web plate wheel mounting holes, heavy-duty wheel set, and in the bearing box drilling, heavy-duty wheel set factory, end beam tapping threads, so that when replacing the wheel set, because all the dimensions have been relying on each This way, when replacing the wheel set, as all dimensions are already located by the machined surfaces, only the installer needs to move the wheel set to the mounting position and then tighten the bolts.

However, there are a number of problems with this type of wheel set:

    Firstly, because the wheel set is positioned on the machined surface, it is not possible to make large adjustments to the wheel line, and can only be adjusted by adding shims between the bearing box and the end beam.

    Secondly, the heavy duty wheel set wholesale, because the general overhead crane trolley is prone to four sets of wheels are not in the same plane of the "three legs" phenomenon, it will be difficult to adjust.

    Wheel set bearings belong to the low-speed rotating bearings, custom heavy-duty wheel set, according to the rated dynamic load and rated static load of the calculated value, take the larger of the rolling bearing performance table to select bearings. Wheel set use: the wheel is used to support the crane and load, and in the track so that the crane reciprocating driving operation of the device. The main forms of wheel damage are wear, hardened layer crushing and pitting. The material used for the wheels is generally zg430-640 cast steel. In order to improve the wear strength and life of the wheel surface, the tread surface should be surface heat treatment, requiring a surface hardness of hb300-350, quenching depth of not less than 20mm.

    The horizontal deflection value of the wheel is mainly based on the corresponding technical measures taken by different product structures. The relatively simple design structure of the more commonly used processes and measures is that the wheels can be assembled to the bracket to form a wheel set.

    Wheel sets also play a very important role on cranes. If you want to extend its life, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary wear and tear in the process of use. And after a certain period of time to maintain the wheel set. If abnormalities occur during use, they must be stopped immediately and inspected and repaired.




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