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Introduction to the differences between hydraulic and mechanical grapples

According to the classification of cranes, grab cranes can be divided into portal grab cranes, bridge grab cranes and folding boom grab cranes.

According to the type of grapple cranes can be divided into shell type grapple cranes and multi-flap grapple cranes.

According to the crane drive mode, it can also be divided into hydraulic grab cranes and mechanical grab cranes.


The difference between hydraulic and mechanical grabs

Grabs can be divided into two categories according to the driving method: hydraulic grabs and mechanical grabs.

1. Hydraulic Grab Cranes

  The hydraulic grapple itself is equipped with an opening and closing structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinders, and is also called a hydraulic claw, consisting of multiple jaws. Hydraulic grab bucket in the hydraulic class of special equipment is more widely used.

2、Mechanical grapple cranes

  Mechanical grapple itself is not configured to open and close the structure, usually by the rope or rod external drive, according to the operating characteristics can be divided into double rope grapple and single rope grapple, the most commonly used is the double rope grapple.

  Double rope grabs have a support rope and an opening/closing rope, which are wound around the reel of the support and opening/closing mechanism respectively. The double rope grab is reliable, easy to operate, highly productive and widely used. With two sets of double ropes it becomes a four-rope grab and works in the same way as a two-rope grab.

  Single rope grab The same wire rope is used for the support rope and the opening and closing rope. A special locking device allows the rope to be used in turn as a support and opening/closing rope. The single rope grab has a simple winding mechanism, but the productivity is low and it is rarely used for mass loading and unloading operations.




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