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Processing and process analysis of crane reel sets

The reel set is an important part of the lifting equipment. Reel processing is the most important is the 2 links are welding and lathe processing.

Welding process to ensure the quality of the reel weld, to ensure the strength and rigidity of the reel, generally after welding the need for UT and MT flaw detection on the weld, to test the quality of the weld;;

Lathe processing ensures that the size and tolerance of the rolls meet the requirements of the drawings and the use of the product.

Some other products have a plate thickness exceeding the rolling capacity of the coil, the need to use the heating steel plate and then roll the process. Diameter Ø400 or so plate thickness greater than 25, diameter Ø500 or so plate thickness greater than 35, diameter Ø600 or so plate thickness greater than 40, these require steel plate hot roll.

Coil material, production process is not qualified may lead to the consequences

Steel wire rope jump groove 

Reason analysis: rope groove is not wear-resistant, design mismatch will lead to rope confusion, serious will lead to wire rope jumping groove, so that the whole reel scrap.

Cut bolt

Reason analysis: the processing size is not qualified, resulting in the tooth plate clearance with bad, external performance for cutting bolts.

Barrel body deformation

Reason analysis: the thickness is not qualified, resulting in the deformation of the reel, resulting in safety hazards.



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