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Project Case5 Sets 320t Ladle Crane for Metallurgical Production

 Time:2022-12-07 14:57:22

Recently, Weihua made 5 sets 320t ladle cranes for a project in Hebei Province. With its super performance, Weihua products help to improve the efficiency of the customer's workshop operation, becoming another beautiful scene in the list of large tonnage metallurgy crane projects.




The project includes 3 sets 320/80/15t-25m ladle cranes and 2 sets 320/80/15t-31m ladle cranes, which have been successfully put into metallurgical production in the customer's workshop.




The 5 ladle cranes all adopt a 4-girder and 4-rail layout, and the main reducer has a stable structure. The crane wheels and the trolley wheels are interchanged, and the trolley is four-wheel drive, which is safe and stable, ensuring full load and safe operation for a long time. In addition, the electrical design has the following characteristics:


The system has redundant control function, which enables fast switching of single mechanism failure and ensures safe operation in 365 days;

The system has a variety of safety warning functions, such as smoke detection warning, safe area operation warning, remote wireless intercom, etc;

The system is equipped with a life detection system, which can monitor the reducer vibration, motor temperature, various electrical equipment and other life and analyze the fault records.



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