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Project Case600t/h Chain Bucket Bridge-type Material Handling Crane

 Time:2022-09-28 10:53:44

As a new bulk material conveying equipment, Weihua made a new chain bucket bridge-type material handling crane with flexible capacity up to 600t/h.




This product is a special discharge machine developed for the silicon carbide industry. It can be used for coal unloading on train (or bulk material), mechanized discharge of various bulk material fields, etc. The structure can be bridge-type or gantry-type.





1 High production efficiency

It can be designed according to the productivity required by the user, and the Max. capacity can unload a 70t truck in 10 minutes.

2 Less residual material

When unloading, the remaining residual material is less than 1%, which greatly reduces the burden of manually cleaning.

3 High security

It has all-round monitoring of the working environment and complete various safety protection measures.

4 long service life

The main components of each mechanism are high-end configuration, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable start, reduce work wear and tear, and low failure rate.




As the latest achievement of Weihua's independent R&D, this series of products has been widely used in the silicon carbide industry and thermoelectric industry. It is an excellent choice for improving work efficiency and reducing production costs in the related industries of bulk material transportation.



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