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130T Overhead Crane for Generator Stator LiftingTime:2022-08-11 17:06:22

On July 3, 2 sets 130t overhead cranes made by Weihua were employed to hoist the stator of the generator set of Shanghaimiao power plant project in Inner Mongolia, which marked the successful completion of another important milestone of this project.




The two power plant cranes adopt an innovative electrical control solution to achieve advanced crane performance, parameter optimization, rapid matching, safety and reliability, fully control the size and weight of the trolley, reduce the height and structure, and improve the utilization rate of the workshop. It is especially suitable for the power plant with the conditions of limited size, high precision and high safety requirements.




The generator stator of the Shanghaimiao project was successfully hoisted into place, laying a solid foundation for the processing of the Ordos Power Transmission Shandong Project, and once again demonstrating Weihua's excellent product strength and excellent execution ability.



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