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26 Grab Buckets for Alcohol Factory Project

 Time:2022-09-15 14:42:32

Weihua made 26 sets grab buckets for a alcohol factory Project. These grabs are specially designed for brewing industry and is used to grab brewing koji materials, sauces, and sauce-making bulk materials. Now a total of 26 units grab buckets have been completed and ready for customers.




This product can be also used for the grabbing that require a clean environment to grab bulk materials, such as grain and oil products, fruit and vegetable deep processing, etc.





The opening and closing mechanism is placed inside the grab bucket, and no hoisting rope tension is required.

The self-weight of the grab bucket all play the role of digging, and the grabbing ability is stronger.

The opening and closing mechanism adopt SEW motor, which is placed inside the grab bucket to avoid damage, which is safer and more reliable and has superior performance.

The open and close limit switches are used to avoid problems such as rope disorder, wire rope breakage and motor overload.

The grabs are designed with food grade 304 stainless steel, which is healthy and environmental protection, corrosion resistance, long service life.






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