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Crane parts wheel sets in the process of overhaul process

Crane parts wheel set is a lifting equipment must be prepared for the product, due to the crane used by a wide range of accessories, for the wheel set of different accessories, which is very important for the maintenance of the crane with a very important job. In the case of crane failure, the first time to carry out the wheel set to investigate the cause, if for various reasons lead to the whole part can not work, the wheel set needs to be replaced parts, replacement, or correct replacement, which will lead to the lifting equipment can not work, or the work of the performance decline. Wheel set of the construction environment is usually more harsh, the equipment has a greater chance of problems, wheel set are required to try to avoid. Lifting accessories wheel set of maintenance work is very important, it not only concerns the performance of the wheel set and wear and tear, but also whether the normal operation of the guarantee.1302971249_749292667.jpg

Wheel set in the lifting industry in the application process from a professional point of view, the role of maintenance is even heavier than replacement, wheel set in the construction of fittings has reached a break-in process, then we just do a good job of maintenance work can make the equipment performance more stable, wheel set for the replacement of fittings and then have to be from the new break-in, which greatly affects the performance of the wheel set equipment.

    In the wheel set for maintenance, the wheel set of axle holes need to be regularly inspected, axle hole defects and depth are strictly regulated. If it exceeds the specified amount, it is necessary to replace the new parts. If the radial wear of the pulley grooves of the wheelsets exceeds 32% of the wall thickness, they are replaced. If it is not exceeded, it should be repaired with a spacing of no more than 0.5 mm. Wheel set of pulleys in the overhaul, need to check whether there is no crack, parts of the journal of the wear is not more than 40%, or replace the new parts. Crane parts of the wheel set needs to be disassembled when overhauling, the wheel set should be assembled in time after checking and repairing. After assembly is required to test.

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