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The structural form and function of the reel set

For the overhaul of industrial wire ropes, when the angle of deflection of the wire rope relative to the wire rope is too large, the wire rope will be worn to the edge or even switched to work, resulting in severe wear of the wire rope. For slotted reel wire rope, the allowable deflection angle relative to the wire rope is 40-50°. When it is greater than 6, the wire rope can be switched to work. The common reason is that the distance between the reel group and the reel is too small, at this time, you can make appropriate adjustments. Due to the deviation of the safe position between the reel group and the reel, the wire rope may also jump off the ship due to the deviation caused by the inclined lifting of the cargo.

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The reel is an important part of the reel set and requires regular safety checks to prevent problems with the components that could lead to failure of the whole unit. Reel group by the wire rope ring extrusion, also caused by the wire rope bending and twisting, extrusion plays an important role. Due to the accident that the wire rope has cracks in the reel set, the reel set with cracks should be scrapped and cannot be used. In order to avoid accidents, the shaft of the reel set is subjected to bending and shear stress, otherwise accidents in the state of fracture will occur. The depth of wear of the rope groove of the reel set shall not exceed 2mm. when the depth of wear exceeds the permissible centre of gravity, the wall thickness of the drum shall not be less than 80% of the original wall thickness. There shall be no cracks on the wheel bolts, and other connecting screws shall be tightened.

Reel brake is an indispensable accessory for cranes, especially the brake, which ensures the safety of lifting work to a large extent. The function of the reel unit stopper is to prevent the mechanism from automatically reversing and descending due to the self-weight of the weight when the lifted weight stops at any height in the space. The brake is mainly used to control the speed of movement of the lifting mechanism and the descent of the weight, which can of course be braked at any height position. Reel is the most commonly used lifting equipment in lifting mechanism and one of the important lifting equipment in lifting mechanism. There are two common types of hooks, namely single hook and double slot. The material and requirement of the drum is single hook, which is a common hook with simple structure and easy to use.

According to the construction and working principle of the stopper and brake in the crane accessories reel set: there are three basic forms of stopper, friction stopper and roller stopper in the reel set; the brake is divided into three types: block type, belt type and disc type. All brakes are divided into two categories of open and closed, the working principle of the reel group are the same by friction to achieve braking. Reel group to change the size of the friction force can be required to obtain the braking effect. According to the regulations, lifting reel group on the mechanism of all the movement of the mechanism, including lifting mechanism, should be equipped with brakes. Reel group can fully guarantee the safety of work, correct.



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