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How to replace the wire rope of a crane reel set

1. In the reel set, the wire rope can be replaced by loosening the wire rope lever at one end of the reel so that one end of the wire rope falls to the ground. In addition, in order to make the joint can pass through the pulley groove smoothly, should also pay attention to the new wire rope head and the old wire rope head for connection.


    2. In the reel set, open the reel again and make the wire rope rise until the new rope rises to the reel. Remove the old and new rope head connection, tie the new wire rope head temporarily to the trolley frame, and then open the reel to place all the old wire rope on the ground.


    3Wrap the new wire rope onto the rope disc specially designed for replacing the wire rope, cut it off according to the required length, and wrap the broken end with fine wire to prevent it from being loose. Transported to the crane below, and put under the support that can make the rope disc rotation.


    4, the hook down to the clean ground, earlier on the wire rope back and forth to pick up a few times, to break the strength, and then let the pulley is placed vertically, and then open the reel to put down the old wire rope until it can not be put again.


In addition, in the reel group, if it is with another lifting rope, it should also lift up the other end of the new wire rope, and fix both ends of the wire rope on the reel. When the opening of the hoisting mechanism is carried out, the new rope is wrapped around the reel and the final replacement is completed.




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