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Analysis of common causes of damage to the hook set of lifting machinery


Hook group in use, from the appearance of the loss of ring form, often have the hook mouth part of the wear and pulley rim of the broken.    


Hook mouth part of the wear for the normal phenomenon, mainly for heavy lifting, is bound to adjust their own centre of gravity, forcing the wire rope or spreader in the hook mouth sliding wear.    


Pulley rim broken, mainly caused by collision, the reason is that the hook group did not rise to the necessary height, the car driving is not stable or crooked pulling slanting hanging, heavy jerk hook produced a strong swing so that the pulley collided with other objects caused by; and the driver violates the operating procedures, do not check the limit switch of the rising situation, do not pay attention to the hook of the rising situation, and cause the hook "on the sky! "and the pulley is damaged.    


The hidden danger that is not easy to happen in the hook group is often the bottom diameter of the thread of the hook tail or the empty knife groove between the thread and the rod, cracks occur due to stress concentration. Inspection and maintenance should be removed from the hook nut, clean the upper side of the dirt, carefully and carefully view. Should also frequently check the hook nut and the hook of the bolt, or other parts of the connection method whether there is loose or cut off, to prevent the hook from falling off by itself. It should also check the corrosion of each hook nut on the tail thread of the hook, and apply grease if necessary.    


Insulating pads and insulating sleeves on insulated hook sets shall not be ruptured, and shall be inspected frequently to eliminate dust in a timely manner, and shall be dried immediately after wetting. Grease should be added to the lubrication point and articulation point regularly, and the thrust bearing at the lower side of the hook nut should be refuelled regularly.




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