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Overhaul knowledge of crane travelling wheelset

Wheel set as a key component of the crane travelling mechanism, wheel set is mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing boxes, etc., the quality of its own good and bad on its use of its intermediate will have a great impact on the wheel is used to support the crane's load, on the trajectory to make the crane repeatedly travelling and running devices. Wheel primary damage is common wear and tear, hardened layer crushing and pitting. Wheel material is usually selected ZG430-640 cast steel. In order to improve the wear strength and life of the wheel appearance, tread should be the appearance of heat treatment, our wheels are overall tempering, tread hardness of HB330-380, hardness layer in greater than or equal to 20mm, to improve the wheel's abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which in turn improves the service life of the wheel.   


       Various types of crane wheels of the horizontal deflection value is the main skill parameters of the crane, deflection value exceeds the difference will form the gnawing rail, increase running resistance, oscillation and noise, aggravate the track and wheel wear, greatly reducing the life of the crane, so all types of crane production skills conditions should be the wheel horizontal deflection rules allowable values. Comparison of commonly used, the process is also relatively simple planning structure is: the wheel assembly to the bracket constitutes a wheel group, such as angular bearing box wheel group and trolley type 45 ° split bearing box wheel group, in the main structure of the crane, the device to adjust the wheel horizontal deflection suitable for fixed.


Walking wheel set repair, view contents:

1. View the wear condition of the wheels.

2. Check the condition of co-operation between wheels and shafts.

3. When there are the following conditions, the wheel should be replaced:

4. Wheel rolling surface uniform wear up to the original rim thickness of 15-20%.

5. Wheel rim wear up to the original thickness of 60% or more.

6. Wheel rolling surface has uneven wear or fatigue off the formation of unevenness.

7. The quality requirements of new wheels.

8. Wheel should not have cracks; rolling surface should be lubricated without unevenness.

9. The co-operative scale tolerance of the wheel axle hole should meet the planning requirements.

10. coaxial rolling a pair of automatic wheels, should be replaced in pairs of two wheels, its diameter error is not greater than the diameter of 0.0005 times. Passive wheel two wheel diameter error is not greater than 0.002 times the diameter.

11. Wheel set of quality requirements

12. Wheel and shaft co-operation should be strong, its swing is not greater than 0.10mm.

13. The tilt of the wheel in the straight direction is not more than 1mm.

14. The support plane of the two bearing boxes of the wheel should be parallel to the base surface of the wheel width, and the error is not more than 0.07mm.

15. The wheel should be positioned so that the width of the base surface and the symmetrical base of the two bearing boxes are consistent.



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