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Safety inspection of lifting accessories reels

Lifting accessories reel is an important component of the reel group, so we need to carry out frequent safety inspections, in order to prevent the components of the problem, resulting in the failure of the entire equipment, the reel by the extrusion of the wire rope rope ring, but also by the wire rope caused by the bending and torsion of the role of the extrusion plays a major role. Has occurred due to cracks in the reel, the wire rope to the reel subsidence of the accident, so check out the reel cracks should be scrapped; reel shaft by the role of bending and shear stress, such as the discovery of cracks should be scrapped in time, otherwise there is a possibility of broken axle accidents; reel rope groove depth of wear should not be more than 2mm, when more than the slot can be re-turned, but the wall thickness of the drum should be not less than 80% of the original wall thickness; the hub should not be cracked, and its connecting screws should be tightened. The connecting screws on it should be tightened.WechatIMG61.jpg

Wire rope in the reel off the groove deflection overhaul, when the wire rope relative to the rope groove deflection angle is too large, the wire rope will grind the groove edge or even jump the groove, resulting in serious wear and tear of the wire rope. For the grooved reel wire rope relative to the rope groove of the allowable angle of deviation of 40-50, when greater than 6 °, the wire rope may jump groove, the general common reason is that the hook pulley group from the reel distance is too small, this time can be adjusted appropriately. It may also be due to the hook pulley group and the drum safety position skew, may also be due to the inclined hoisting of goods caused by the skew and make the wire rope jump groove.WechatIMG62.jpg



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