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What are the requirements for the production of crane truck wheelsets?

Most of the mechanical equipment travelling on the road, need to install several wheels for its mechanical walking, but not all wheels are suitable for these devices. For example, the wheels of the car are made of aluminium alloy casting, while most of the wheels of the crane truck are ZG340-640 casting, according to the characteristics of the use of cranes, the wheel tread needs to be particularly strong hardness, the hardness should be up to HB330-380 (quenching depth of 20mm). Such wheels are more wear-resistant and have a longer service life.


Whether casting, forging wheels produced by our company are put into the pit-type resistance furnace tempering treatment to ensure that the hardness of the wheel tread in the HB330-380, the hardness layer is greater than or equal to 20mm, the depth of hardness is not less than 260HB, to improve the wheel's abrasion and impact resistance, and thus improve the service life of the wheel, customers can rest assured that the purchase of the wheel to use.

Horizontal deflection value is the main technical parameter when manufacturing wheel sets. The larger the deflection value, the more the formation of the gnawing rail, resulting in increased friction, vibration and noise, so that the track and the wheels are quickly damaged, the early end of service life. Therefore, it can be seen that the production requirements of different cranes are in accordance with the wheel level deflection value.


In the use of different structures crane, wheel level deflection value should use relative skills to determine the method, in a way, the crane truck wheel set can meet the crane truck running, travelling needs, basically rely on the above wheel level deflection value to decide.



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