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How to repair problems with crane wheels

The crane wheel is an accessory on the crane, the main role is to lift and carry heavy objects vertically and horizontally within a certain range, also known as crane sky wheels, crane line wheels, crane track wheels, is a kind of wheel forgings.微信图片_20230629215601.jpg

Crane wheel forgings turn the tracks of the walking mechanism, and the walking support part into a chassis with wheels, reducing the disadvantages of causing damage to the road, and belonging to the material handling machinery. The work of crane wheels is characterised by intermittent movements, i.e. mobile work in a working cycle of picking up, transporting, unloading and other movements. As cranes are developed and used more and more widely in the market. Crane wheel forging requirements are also becoming more and more rigorous, requiring high operational stability, lifting load-bearing movement, can be in a specific range of "walking".

Crane operating mechanism wheel level deflection value is an important technical parameter of the crane, deflection value exceeds the poor will cause gnawing track, increase running resistance, vibration and noise, intensify the track and wheel wear, greatly reducing crane life, so all types of crane manufacturing technical conditions are to the wheel level deflection provisions allow the value.

Application of the control of the running mechanism wheel level deflection value is mainly based on different product structure to take the appropriate technical measures. The more commonly used, process measures are also relatively simple design structure is: the wheels are assembled to the bracket to form a wheel set, such as angular bearing box wheel set and trolley type 45 ° profile bearing box wheel set, in the main structure of the crane, installed to adjust the wheel level deflection appropriate after fixed.


Generally the size of the wheel rim wear to determine the severity of the gnawing rail is more objective, the rim wear greater than lmm for the more serious gnawing rail, must be repaired. Repair reference is as follows.

1. The clearance of the tapered roller bearing should be the same

2. Reduce the wheel diameter difference: a pair of active wheel diameter difference of more than 0.2% of its diameter, the passive wheel more than 0.5%, should be re-processed into the same basic size, the active wheel and the passive wheel diameter difference should not exceed 3mm.

3. adjustment of crane wheel span, diagonal and co-location difference: the deviation of the wheel span and diagonal of the large car should be no more than Shi 7mm; the deviation of the wheel span and diagonal of the small car should be no more than Shi 3mm, the wheel co-location difference should not exceed 2mm. adjustment can be taken to reduce the wheel bearing on one side of the spacing ring, and the other side of the corresponding increase in the method to make the wheel move. Alternatively, the bolt hole of the bearing box on the end beam plate can be enlarged and the positioning key can be moved to adjust the wheel span, diagonal and co-location difference.

4. Adjustment of the drive mechanism of the car: separately driven overhead travelling crane, the bearings and brakes of the two groups of drive mechanism, its tightness should be adjusted to the same. If you replace the reducer and coupling drive parts, it is appropriate to replace both sides at the same time. The motor of the two cranes should be the same type and the same parameters.



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