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Inspection and installation of crane hooks

Crane hook set is a very common lifting device, specifically the combination of hook set and pulley set, because it bears the heavy lifting work, safety and stability affect the safety of the product at work, so the crane hook safety issues is a must pay attention to, or there may be very serious problems, next together and crane hook manufacturers simply to understand the installation process content.


1、Wash the body of the crane hook set with paraffin, wipe dry and check with a magnifying glass, if cracks are found, no patch welding is allowed and should be replaced immediately;

2, check the pull plate, crossbeam and other parts, pull hole plate wear serious when you can use welding rod patch welding after re-boring, if the replacement of new parts, need to ensure that the mechanical properties of the material meets the requirements;;

3. for has been used for a period of time crane hook, due to the role of wire rope, often make the crane hook surface hardening, so the crane hook group to do a yearly annealing treatment.    

4. As an important component on the crane machinery, the crane hook set is inspected at least once a year.    

5. Assemble the crane hook first in the opposite order of dismantling the crane hook, and then assemble the dynamic pulley in the opposite order of dismantling the dynamic pulley in the crane hook set, and in the assembly process of the crane hook set, the lubrication parts should be lubricated.




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