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The need to replace wire rope in reel sets

In the reel group, when replacing the wire rope, you can loosen the wire rope pressure plate at one end of the reel, so that the end of the wire rope falls to the ground. In addition, care should be taken to connect the new rope head to the old one in order to allow the joint to pass smoothly through the sheave groove.

In the reel set, start the reel again to lift the rope until the new rope is lifted onto the reel. Remove the connection between the old and new rope ends, tie the new rope end temporarily to the dolly frame, then start the drum and place all the old ropes on the ground. Wrap the new rope onto a rope reel specially designed for rope replacement, cut it to the required length and wrap the broken end with fine wire to prevent it from coming loose. Carry it under the crane and place it under a support that will allow the rope reel to turn.


Lower the hook to a clean surface, connect the wire rope back and forth several times to break the strength, then let the pulley stand vertically and start the drum to lower the old wire rope until it can no longer be placed. If another hoisting rope is used, the other end of the new wire rope should then also be raised and the ends of the wire rope should be secured to the drum. When the hoisting mechanism is activated, the new wire rope is wrapped around the reel and the replacement is complete.

The reel set is an accessory of the crane. Its main function is to fold and lower the wire rope so that the hook can quickly lift or lower heavy loads. The role of the reel set in this process cannot be underestimated. After all, if the reel does not work properly, it will affect the operational safety of the wire rope and the hook, which can be very dangerous for the lifting of heavy loads. For this reason, reel sets play a very important role in lifting equipment.    

Although the reel set is only a crane accessory on the lifting equipment, its function is very important for the operation of the lifting equipment. It should be noted here that if the lifting height is large, in order to reduce the size of the reel, multi-layer winding can be carried out with reels with guiding spiral grooves or smooth surfaces, but the wire rope wears out quickly and is suitable for cranes with slow speeds, light work types and low tonnages. Steel plate reel sets are mainly suitable for large tonnage and high performance requirements of lifting machinery and equipment.




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