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Must crane hooks be equipped with a safety device to prevent accidental unhooking of the lifting weight?

The hook of a portal crane lifting formwork is relatively small, and if a safety device is added, it is difficult for the lugs of the formwork to hang onto the hook, so is it necessary to add a safety device to the hook?

The answer is yes.

Hook rotation often occurs without any warning in the equipment lifting operations, when the lifting machinery lifting heavy objects, hooks rotate up, wearing in the hook and boom top pulley set between the wire rope twisted together, lifting the heavy objects also rotate up with the hook, when it has been unable to continue to lift or put down has lifted the heavy objects. Hook rotation will affect the normal operation of lifting, and seriously threaten the safety of operators and equipment, so must avoid its occurrence.



1、The new hooks used in lifting should be checked before use, and should have the technical proof documents of the manufacturer, otherwise they should not be put into use blindly, and the opening degree of the new hooks should be measured and should conform to the regulations.

2、The new hook should be tested for load. Before using the hook, the rated lifting weight marked on the hook should be checked and should not be less than the actual lifting weight. If there is no mark or the starting weight mark is ambiguous, the rated lifting weight should be recalculated and determined through a compliance test.

3、The three dangerous sections of the hook should be cleaned with kerosene, and a magnifying glass should be used to see if there are cracks. For plate type hooks should be price difference bushings, pins wear situation.

4、The surface of the hook used for lifting and hoisting operations should be smooth and should not have defects such as peeling, scoring, sharp corners, joints and cracks.

5、The connecting part of the hook should be checked frequently to confirm whether the connection is reliable and whether the lubrication is good.



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