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Instructions and precautions for the use of remote control grabs

Instructions for the use of the remote control grab:

1、Please fully charge the two battery packs before using the grab, you can also usually have sufficient power to spare, but the battery packs must be charged again to replenish the power after three months of sufficient power storage in order to extend the service life of the battery packs.

2、Put the battery pack into the grabber battery compartment and plug it in.

3、Before starting to use, turn on the power switch and wait 1 minute for the electric control system to start working normally.

4、Closing the grab is controlled automatically by the system. When you need to open the grab, please press any of the directional keys on the remote control, please do not press the keys for a long time.

5、After work is completed, please turn off the power switch in time.

Notes on the remote control grab:

1、When the equipment is not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

2、In low and high temperature environment, the capacity of the battery will be reduced and the continuous use time will be shortened. Pay attention to heat preservation or heat dissipation when using.

3、After the sliding block is pressed against the upper bearing beam, you need to wait for about 8S before the grabbing action can be carried out.

The wireless remote control grab bucket is an ideal tool for single hook cranes to engage in the operation of mineral powder, coal, sand and gravel and other granular and small lumpy bulk materials in ports and bulk ships. Its structure is reasonable and the opening mechanism is novel. On the basis of the structure of the single rope grab, it adopts the wireless remote control to control the automatic opening of the grab in the air, which completely realises the opening and unloading of the single rope grab in the air. Easy to operate, reliable and stable.


The maintenance of electro-hydraulic grabs mainly includes

1. Under normal circumstances, the slings used in electro-hydraulic grabs should have a certificate of conformity, as well as maintenance and care instructions. This will ensure that the operation will be more reliable.

2. The grab should not be thrown or pulled from underneath heavy objects during use, and the sling should not be rolled over during operation, as this can easily lead to damage in the long run and prevent the equipment from being used normally.

If the bucket is twisted during operation, it cannot be corrected by means of hammering in such cases. How to choose a quality electro-hydraulic type grab.

    Under normal circumstances, a qualified electro-hydraulic grab can work properly in an environment with dust and corrosive gases. So the operator can experiment reasonably well to ensure quality before official use. If it is not up to standard, it needs to be replaced in time.




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