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Correct handling of the hook set

We can often see the news, the hook set due to improper operation, resulting in accidents, how should we reduce the occurrence of accidents?

A, the correct use of the hook set of specific operating methods

  In the process of using the hook set needs to have professional operators to operate, from installation to use are required in accordance with the norms, then you know how to use the hook set correctly?

  1. Before using the hook set, make sure that it is produced by a regular manufacturer and has a certificate of conformity, so that it cannot be put into use blindly, and that its opening degree, weighing weight and other indicators are more strictly tested;

  2. Check the rated lifting weight marked on the hook, which must not be less than the actual lifting weight. If it is not marked or the lifting weight mark is ambiguous, the rated lifting weight should be recalculated and determined through a compliance test;

  3. special hooks used on lifting machinery, which have higher requirements, must ensure that their surfaces are smooth and cannot have defects such as peeling, scoring, sharp corners, joints and cracks;

  4. The three dangerous sections of the hook should be cleaned with kerosene and looked at with a magnifying glass to see if there are any cracks. For plate type hooks the bushings and pins should be checked for wear and tear;

  5. Always pay attention to observation and inspection during the use of the hook set, check whether there is deformation, cracks, fracture and other hidden problems, do not have overweight behavior, so as not to shorten the service life of the fully enclosed hook set.

  Once the hook breaks in use, it is extremely easy to cause an accident. Therefore, in use must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the use, not overload use. For hooks that do not have load marks, they must not be used casually. Regular checks should be carried out on hooks that are used frequently. When the hook section wear reaches 10%, it needs to be scrapped.




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