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Structural forms and characteristics of our factory reel sets


The reel group is used to wind, store and place the wire rope, so that the wire rope for rotation and linear movement of the mutual conversion. According to the different ways of force transmission and support, the structure type of the reel group can be divided into one end independent support and two end independent support two types.

1, one end independent support, one end and reducer connected to: 1) with gear connection plate

1) Reel group with gear connection plate  

    The reel set with gear connection plate is most widely used in cranes. One end of the reel is connected to the gear type shaft end of the reducer through the connecting disc with internal gears, and the long shaft end of the reel is supported on the inner hole of the shaft end of the reducer through the spherical rolling bearing.  

   This structure grouping is good. Work reliably, the axis deflection canon has a certain compensation function, but the processing accuracy requirements are high, tasting cylinder group set of people reducer tooth-shaped shaft end when the installation is more difficult.

2) With ball or drum roller connection plate of the volume brief group  

    One end of the roll is connected to the cylindrical (or spline) shaft of the reducer through the ball or drum roller connection disc, and the ball or roller is embedded in the circular hole formed by the pair of semicircular grooves between the inner and outer rings of the connection disc to transmit torque and play a radial support and axis deflection compensation.  

    This structure also uses a short shaft, reliable work, easy to install, but the processing accuracy of the connection plate and material, heat treatment has certain requirements.

3) with rigid connection flange of the volume Jane group  

    This kind of reel group uses flange and reducer cylindrical out shaft rigid connection. Reducer base through the steel ball or cylindrical pin and rack hinged. In order to eliminate the reel group, the frame is loaded deformation on the rigid combination of parts of the adverse impact. The other end of the reel in addition to the use of fixed shaft type short shaft, but also can be used with the overfilling of the shaft type short shaft or shaft and flange overall casting of the shaft type structure. The advantage of this reel set is simple construction, easy adjustment and installation.



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