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Grapple manufacturers talk about common problems with grapples

Grab manufacturers talk about the common problems of grabs? Grab is a device on top of the crane, to cooperate with the crane equipment to complete a variety of goods lifting loading and unloading work, according to the use of different goods grab crane is also different. In order to more people to understand the crane, I plant to tell you about, in the use of grabs when some common problems, how to solve these problems. I hope it can help us to have a certain understanding of the use of cranes grapple.


Firstly, are there any requirements for the processing of grabs?

  The processing of grab products, manufacturers have certain requirements, on this issue, Huagong machinery grab manufacturers processing requirements, the use of wear-resistant steel this kind of steel, and the use of professional technology and technology, so as to ensure product quality, and let the product have good performance and use effect.

The second double cable grab and ship crane grab whether there is a difference

  Double cable grabs and ship crane grabs, they are in the big category of grabs, are specific types of grabs, but because of the different types of grabs, there are still differences, double cable grabs need double hooks, one used to lift another used to open and close, ship crane grabs are single hooks, only by remote control and open or close, or electric hydraulic grabs.

Thirdly, there are different levels of grabs for different places and whether the shape of the grab is specified

  There are different levels of grabs, such as light and medium and heavy, but we should choose the right level according to the actual situation and the requirements of the use, so as to ensure that the grabs have good results. In addition, there is no rigid requirement on the shape of the grab, it can be different shapes, which are determined by the use of demand.

The above is the Huagong machinery grab crane manufacturers said the grab in the process of using the problems encountered, we follow the requirements of the regular operation can be.




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