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Research and analysis of improving the durability of crane wheel sets

To make the crane run smoothly in a straight line, no chewing track, the first from the crane itself, measures to make the crane automatically go straight. The specific practices are as follows.

1, the use of large wheel rim height.

    Rim height is generally: 20-25mm for small car wheels, 25-30mm for large car wheels. If the rim height increased to the following values, as a result of improving the wheel rim and track side pressure contact condition, reduce the pressure contact stress, the rim wear can be reduced, its durability can be increased by 25-30%.

2. The drive wheels are conical wheels with a large taper.

    Conical wheel tread taper is generally taken as 110, that is, k = 0.1. When using a large taper cone wheel, the taper value is: for centralized drive, k = 0.50.18; for separate drive, k = 0.250.28, the wheel tread hardness is low, k value to obtain a larger. The advantage of using a large tapered conical wheel is that the crane can automatically centre the track centre line when running, and because the wheel is mounted with an outward angle of inclination = 45, some or even all of the skewed lateral forces can be eliminated. Wheel diameter d700mm, should be large 50mm; wheel diameter d>700mm, should be large 60mm.


3. Use large tapered conical cylindrical wheels.

    The width of the cylindrical part should be about 10mm smaller than the width of the track head. This tread shape of the wheel is used on the driving wheel and can also be used on the driven wheel, the advantage of which is that the crane can run more automatically centered on the track centerline, so that the durability of the wheel is further improved.

4、Wide and narrow wheels are used.

    Make the crane on both sides of the beam on the wheel tread a wide and a narrow, installed narrow side of the wheel can play a guiding role, the other side of the wide wheel equivalent to no rim wheels. When ensuring the accuracy of the track installation, this arrangement can make the crane run to reduce the phenomenon of chewing rail.




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