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How to maintain the reel set

The reel set is one of the more common and frequently used accessories on a moving vehicle and is relatively easy to damage, inevitably resulting in abnormalities during long periods of use.


Damaged parts of the reel set

    Reel group is actually more durable, more prone to failure is to roll rope with the groove wear situation, or the use of a longer period of time, the barrel body cracks the situation.


      We are going to talk about the more definite appearance check, which means that we are going to observe whether such a tool has cracks associated with it when it is in use. Due to the deflecting effect of the wire rope on the grooves, the groove peaks of the reel set produce friction, thus gradually making the groove peaks sharp until they become flat. When the grooves are worn and it is impossible to control the orderly alignment of the wire rope in the grooves and the grooves are frequently skipped, the drum set should be replaced with a new one.

Consequences of damage to the drum set

  Because once a crack occurs, it may directly increase the risk of danger, and through the inspection can directly detect the problem, and can be dealt with in time to avoid some dangerous situations and appear. Once there is particularly serious wear and tear, we need to replace the new reel set in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the reel set.


Reel set maintenance

      In addition to inspection work, we also need to carry out regular maintenance, if we find in the process of using a particularly large abnormal sound, this is in fact to remind us to add lubricants to avoid greater wear and tear, and in the use of the completion, we also need to regularly for the tool to clean up. This can actually reduce rusting to a large extent. There is also in daily use, the lifting weight should not exceed the rated lifting weight of the reel set, otherwise overload work will speed up the damage to the reel set.

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