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Huagong hook structure form and application

Lifting hook, is a hook type pulley set connected to the crane by wire rope, consisting of a number of pulleys wrapped around the wire rope at one time and composed of the device.

The basic structural form of the crane's double hook, mainly by the straight shank double hook, insurance card plate, hook beam, thrust spherical roller bearings, hook nut, pulley, pulley shaft, deep groove ball bearings, pulley cover, shaft end stopper, pull plate, oil cup and other components. In the straight shank double hook hanging into the sling, the sling and the lifted object connected, from the crane output wire rope and pulley set connected, through the control of the crane lifting and translating function to achieve the purpose of lifting, double hook form can ensure the overall stability.



Precautions for safe use

1、The hook should be manufactured by the official professional factory according to the technical conditions and safety specifications of the hook, and the product should have the quality certificate of the manufacturing factory, otherwise it is not allowed to use.

2、The new hook should be tested under load, and the measured hook opening should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening.

3、The hook should be checked frequently for cracks or serious deformation, corrosion and wear during use.

4、The hook should be tested once a year. The test shall be carried out with 1.25 times the allowable working load for 10 minutes of static force test, using a magnifying glass or other methods to check, there should be no cracks, cracks and residual deformation.

5、The three dangerous sections should be cleaned with paraffin and checked with a magnifying glass for cracks. For the plate hook should check the bushing, pin wear.

6、The defects on the hook should not be welded.

Application examples of company hooks

Insulated anti-magnetic hook set for lifting satellites at China Aerospace Satellite Launch Base



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