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What you don't know about reel sets

With the development of lifting industry, crane accessories reel set is more and more used in the operation, crane accessories reel set by the reel rough coupling disc, crane accessories reel shaft and bearing bracket and other components. In the crane used more crane accessories reel group with gear coupling disc reel group, with a large gear reel group and short shaft type reel group. Short-axis reel group is a new structure selected in recent years, its reel and reducer output shaft with a flange rigid connection, reducer base through the steel ball or cylindrical pin hinged with the frame, and the use of separated short shaft instead of the whole reel long axis.

Crane fittings short shaft can be selected fixed shaft type, there are also selected rotary shaft type. According to GB6067-85 "crane safety regulations" rules, the short shaft reel group because there is no shaft parts through the reel, the reel should be made of cast steel. The opening and closing machinery due to the lifting speed is very small, crane fittings reducer ratio can not be, so the reel group are with large gears, through the open gear drive reel, together with the opening and closing machinery because of the low level of operation, it is generally used in fixed-axis sliding bearings. Crane accessories reel set of knowledge about the composition of the operation in the process of operation, and maintenance are closely related, so it is necessary to make corresponding knowledge of its composition.     


Reel group is an important part of the crane below the wire rope lifting goods, it is used to coil the wire rope of a thing, the role of the crane's important use of accessories, should be operated in accordance with the correct method, so that it can be useful to extend the use of equipment time.    


Reel is a more durable parts, common damage is the part of the groove with the rope. The reason for the damage is because the wire rope on its wear and tear, especially when the smooth poor, it will exacerbate the wear and tear. Wire rope in the winding process, when the wire rope on the reel and pulley deflection angle is too large, will also make the wire rope and rope groove peak or pulley wall and wire rope between the severe conflict, so that the reel groove peak wear. Its effect will constitute the wire rope de-grooving. When the groove is worn to the point where the wire rope cannot be manipulated to be placed in an orderly manner in the groove, or when the reel is found to be cracked, it should be replaced with a new reel.




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