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Reel sets are important for cranes

With the rapid development of China's economy, the contribution of industrial development to the economy can not be ignored. Large-scale industry has brought great convenience to our projects, such as large cranes, and the requirements of these large machines are very high, and there are also very strict standards in the process of use. Reel set is an essential device for cranes, so what is a reel set, what are its characteristics, let's learn about it.    


First of all, the structure of the reel group, the reel group in the lifting equipment is crucial, it plays a very big role in the use of cranes, it can be said that it is equivalent to human hands, without it, lifting equipment is difficult to complete a precise action. Reel group is mainly composed of the following parts:


One is the reel.


Second is the reel shaft, it plays the role of link and support.


Third, the big gear, big gear is a professional term, the scientific name is called gear disc receiver, big gear plays a role is to drive the operation of the reel group, equivalent to a power part.


Four is the reel hub, reel hub size calculation method has a formula: cylinder body length = "outer diameter size - plate thickness" x Wood, or cylinder body length = "inner diameter size + plate thickness" x Wood.


Fifth, the bearing body and bearings, the bearing body in the use of a longer time after the temperature will rise, so always check.     


In the process of use there is a note: If the lifting height is large, in order to reduce the size of the reel, the surface with guided spiral groove or smooth reel can be used for multi-layer winding, but the wear and tear of the wire rope is faster, applicable to slow and lighter type of work, lower tonnage crane. Steel plate reel set, on the other hand, is mainly suitable for large tonnage, high performance requirements of lifting machinery and equipment.



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