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Hazardous sections of crane hooks

The crane's hook has three hazardous sections, as shown in the accompanying diagram:


The three dangerous sections of the hook are:


    (1) A-A section on the one hand by the action of the tension of the sling, the hook has a tendency to be straightened; on the other hand also by the action of the bending moment. On the other hand, it is subjected to bending moment. Since the bending moment acting on this section is the largest, the bending stress it is subjected to is also the largest, so this section is a dangerous section.


    (2)B-B section is the same as A-A section, B-B section has the tendency to be straightened and sheared under the action of sling tension, and the shear stress is the largest here, so it is also a dangerous section.


    (3)C-C section, the thinnest part of the hook column has the tendency to be pulled off under the action of the sling tension. The tensile stress here is the largest, so it is also a dangerous section.



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