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How to determine the length of a crane reel set

Crane reel sets are used in the hoisting mechanism to wind the wire rope to transmit power. Reel group by the reel, reel group, gear coupling, bearing support and other components. The reel used in the crane is a compound reel, the two sides of the reel have spiral groove, its spiral direction is opposite. The two ends of the steel wire rope are fixed in the left and right spiral groove on the outer end. Then the length of the crane reel group how to determine it?微信图片_20230629214321.jpg

Crane reel group length determination method

  The length of the reel group, shall ensure that when the hook is lowered to a relatively low position, the remaining rope on the reel should not be less than 3 turns per end, in order to reduce the load at the rope fixed. In order to increase the service life of the crane accessories wire rope, reel group of winding wire rope reel group, its diameter should have a certain ratio with the diameter of the wire rope. Should be based on the type of crane, the frequent use of the reel group and other factors.

  According to the rated lifting height of the crane to determine the total length of the wire rope, and then by the diameter of the reel group roughly determine the number of turns of wire rope. Multiply the width of the rope groove can be derived from the length of the crane reel group.

Crane reel group wire rope off the groove

  Steel wire rope in the reel off slot run off the maintenance, when the steel wire rope relative rope slot deflection angle is too large, the steel wire rope will wear slot edge or jump slot, causing serious wear of steel wire rope. For the slotted reel wire rope relative to the rope groove allowed angle of deviation for 40-50, when greater than 6 °, the wire rope may jump groove, the general common reason is the hook pulley group from the distance of the reel is too small, this time can make appropriate adjustment. May also be due to the hook pulley group and reel position skew, may also be due to the skew hanging goods caused by skew and make the steel wire rope jump groove.

Crane reel group scrapping standards

  Crane reel group reel shaft subject to bending and shear stress, such as the discovery of cracks should be promptly scrapped, otherwise there may be broken shaft accident; reel rope groove wear depth should not exceed 2mm, when more than can re-car groove, but the wall thickness of the reel should be not less than 80% of the original wall thickness; hub shall not have cracks, its connection screws to tighten.




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