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The opening and closing structure of the hydraulic grab and the production process

What is the opening and closing structure of a hydraulic grab and how is it made? The hydraulic grab is mainly powered by its hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power source. The hydraulic grab can be driven by two combined buckets or multiple jaws in the process of opening and closing the grab.

The former is made up of two complete hand-shaped components, while the latter is made up of three or more jaws, and the product can be effectively divided into mechanical and hydraulic grabs according to the way it is driven.


The hydraulic grab is equipped with an opening and closing structure and is generally driven by hydraulic cylinders in the process of use.


Welding is a key process in the production of hydraulic grabs, as the quality of the welding will directly affect the structural strength and service life of the product, and the hydraulic cylinder is also a key driving part of the equipment.


  The use of hydraulic grabs can to a certain extent effectively improve the efficiency of the equipment and high-quality work, the product is widely used in hydraulic special equipment, such as its hydraulic lifting towers, hydraulic excavators and other equipment use.

The hydraulic grapple is effectively divided into two types: rotary and non-rotary. The non-rotary grapple uses the oil circuit of the excavator bucket cylinder and does not require additional hydraulic valves and pipelines in the process of use.



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