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What to look out for when using grapple equipment

What issues should I be aware of when using grab machinery? The grab is a very important component on top of the crane and should be checked before use, mainly in terms of safety in construction. It is able to be used for the grab transport of various products, suitable for grain, coal, cement, rubbish, scrap steel and so on in the premises. So what problems should be noted in the process of use, the following describes the problems and issues noted in the process of use.


In the usual use of the grab should be noted as follows:

    1. Before each shift operation should be made without load lifting, rotating, changing width, running back and forth, as well as the safety performance test of the brake and limit device, if there is a fault in the equipment, it should be removed before the official operation.

    2、The rigging for hanging goods should be straightened and aligned with the centre line, and then lifted safely. It is forbidden to move the crane or make rotational movements when the hook has been hung but the weight has not yet been lifted, and it is forbidden to lift and pull items that are fixed in the ship and buried in the mudflats or of unknown weight.

    3. Pay attention to ensure that the wind safety devices are good and effective, and do not use the crane under lightning and snowstorm conditions. Grab work personnel should master the knowledge and precautions related to crane operations, the work of the grab involves a wide range, in addition to the use of safety issues to pay attention to, the maintenance of the grab is also indispensable.


In the course of using a grab crane, leaks, pulley rotation failures and tilting of the grab may occur. We analyse when serious leakage occurs, the main reason is excessive wear of the barrel edge plate, deformation of the barrel, timely replacement or repair of the barrel. When the pulley does not turn, the reason is impurities or rust in the pulley bearings and poor sealing. Whether grabbing dry or submerged material, magazines often enter the bearings, so it is necessary to inject lubricant into the field and remove impurities.

    Grab grabs can tilt due to improper handling, too fast a descent or improper positioning, and the use of piles of material that cannot be eradicated, so care needs to be taken when operating. Bearing fracture or bending, is due to excessive overload or serious wear after a sudden impact, can not catch the load, serious wear should be replaced in time to avoid a sharp rise and fall in operation to avoid accidents.

    The above mentioned are the problems that may occur in the process of using the grab equipment, the operator must follow the correct operation to avoid the occurrence of problems in the process of use. Regular maintenance of the grab equipment is also able to reduce the occurrence of problems with the equipment and extend the service life of the grab equipment.



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